Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder

In this feature-length Futurama adventure, dark forces older than time itself conspire to prevent the dawn of a glorious new green age as Bender falls for a married fembot, Leela attempts to escape Zapp Brannigan, and Fry is recruited for a top-secret mission to try and save the entire universe.

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Dead Like Me

After the departure of Rube Sofer, a new head reaper named Cameron Kane takes over. He's a slick businessman who couldn't care less about helping the newly dead.

Chaos ensues and brings out the worst in Daisy and Mason who begin drinking anew. George and Reggie re-connect for the first time when George reaps a new friend of Reggie's.

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18 Year Old Virgin

Kate Powers (Olivia Alaina May) is an 18-year-old girl who is really crazy about losing her virginity before graduating from high school.

As the graduation day is coming really soon, Kate puts all her efforts into searching for a guy who would go to bed with her.

Despite this seems to be really easy from the beginning, Kate is having some hard times trying to get laid, and she often finds herself in funny and ridiculous situations.

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Leap Year

A woman (Adams) who has an elaborate scheme to propose to her boyfriend on Leap Day, an Irish tradition which occurs every time the date February 29 rolls around, faces a major setback when bad weather threatens to derail her planned trip to Dublin.

With the help of an innkeeper, however, her cross-country odyssey just might result in her getting engaged.

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Smokin' Aces 2: Assassins' Ball

Walter Weed is an unassuming desk jockey at the FBI when the Bureau uncovers a plot to assassinate him.

A team of degenerate, psychotic assassins dispatched by mystery man Hal Leuco to win a huge bounty includes a resourceful beauty who has a unique method of killing her prey, a power-tool wielding psychopath and a deadly master of disguise.

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